What is Flipbookings?

It is the result you get when ebay and expedia collide

What's in it for me?

Whenever the unexpected occurs, we will help you get a refund on your non refundable hotel room!

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Our Mission

Stuck with a Non refundable Hotel booking? Get your money back with Flipbookings!

Flipbookings is a complete hotel booking solution designed to answer the customers’ needs on both sides of the equation. In effect, beyond the great offering of hotel at the cheapest rate, Flipbookings has developed a functionality enabling customers who are stuck with Non-refundable hotel reservations to resell their contract on this platform with the objective to avoid a sure and complete loss.

And the great news is that the operation will be completely seamless and stress free because our algorithm will take care or locating your reservation, advertising it to potential buyers, transferring the responsibility and handling the final aspect in case of prepaid reservations.



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